I pledge to eat a plants-only diet and to live by the following values:

Vegan Value #1- no animal shall be enslaved, confined, bred, owned, used, exploited, harmed, or killed

Vegan Value #2- all human beings are obligated to be responsible stewards of the natural environment   

Download a pdf file of “The Vegan Oath”. Print it, sign it, put it in a picture frame, and hang it on your wall.

Vegan Values

The Vegan Movement is attempting to transform human civilization into a responsible and honorable one. Vegans wish to evolve humanity to a higher level in which justice, equality, and nonviolence for ALL LIVING BEINGS becomes the norm. Humanity must mature and evolve into an intelligent species that nurtures and acts upon a deep, deep reverence for nature, animals, and the Natural World.

Don’t underestimate the importance and necessity of ALL humans embracing veganism NOW. Indeed, veganism is necessary to save the world.



Guardians of

Animals &


If you are not vegan, you are causing animals to suffer and die. And you are contributing to the end of life on this planet.

You eat animals because our sick society has programmed you to. You are mindlessly following orders. You have become nothing but a robot, an automaton, who thinks and acts according to the way you’ve been conditioned and programmed to think and act.

Grow up! Think for yourself! Face the truth that our society is wrong.

Stop paying to have animals tortured and murdered. Stop believing the lie that humans are omnivores. (The human species has no biological need to eat animals. We are biologically a plant-eating species.)






Two Ways to Eat a Vegan Diet

Veganism is not about diet or health. Veganism is about ending animal exploitation.

A vegan is a person who makes a lifetime commitment to live without exploiting animals. Eating a plants-only diet is a big part of that commitment.

So is a vegan diet healthy?

An animal-free diet is definitely healthier! The human species has no biological requirement to eat animals. And there are mountains of incontrovertible evidence that animal products cause all kinds of diseases and health problems in humans. Even small amounts of animal products can have adverse effects on one’s health.

So there is no doubt that removing animal products from one’s diet is healthier.

With that said, it must be understood that some plant-based foods are healthier than others. Plant foods that are in their most natural state– such as fresh fruits and vegetables, are far healthier than plant foods that are highly processed by humans, such as oil, refined sugar, and flour.

There are in fact, two ways one can eat a diet that doesn’t exploit animals- a Veganized Standard American Diet, or the healthier Whole Plants Diet.

For some people, the “Veganized Standard American Diet” is easier than the “Whole Plants Diet”. There are two reasons for this: 1. Most of us have eaten the Standard American Diet all our lives. So the food is familiar and we have a strong emotional attachment to it. 2. Man-made (processed) foods are highly addictive. We are literally physically addicted to man-made, processed food! That is why many vegans choose to eat the familiar veganized foods that look and taste the same as the foods they’re used to.

However, make no mistake… a processed plant food is healthier than a processed animal-based food.

Of course, if you want the healthiest diet, you must choose an unprocessed plants-only diet.

The Whole Plants Diet is extremely healthy. It has the power to cure and prevent disease, slow aging, and extend lifespan. It is the way our bodies are designed to eat. But for most of us, it is an unfamiliar and strange way to eat. But it can be done! Once you learn how to implement it into your life, it becomes a habit and eating this healthy and natural way feels very enjoyable indeed.

But veganism is about stopping the exploitation of animals. So which ever way you choose to eat an animal-free diet is good for the animals (and for Earth)!

Go vegan today… now. Live your life without exploiting animals. You will be a better and happier person for it.