How To Be Vegan

Being vegan means making a lifetime commitment to live without exploiting animals. Begin by switching to a plants-only diet.

There are two ways to eat a vegan diet:


The Veganized Standard American Diet


The Whole Plants Diet

Chances are, all your life you have eaten the “Standard American Diet”- burgers, pizza, ham sandwiches, mac & cheese, ice cream, etc… Well, anyone can simply “veganize” all their familiar foods by substituting plant ingredients for the animal ingredients. It’s as easy as simply buying the vegan versions of all your favorite foods.

It’s actually very, very easy to do! Just buy vegan meat, vegan cheese, vegan ice cream, vegan everything! All these foods are available in almost every grocery store. And make no mistake… they taste fantastic!

Almost all restaurants are now offering vegan options on their menus. And many restaurants are already entirely vegan! Go to to find vegan friendly restaurants near you.

If you like to cook, there are thousands of free vegan recipes online.

If you like things really easy, buy the vegan pre-made frozen dinners and pop one in the microwave.

And even though these foods are “processed”, they are still significantly healthier than their animal-based counterparts!

Given how easy and delicious it is to eat vegan versions of all your beloved, familiar foodsthere really is no excuse for continuing to exploit animals!

This is the healthier way to eat a vegan diet!

Whereas the “Veganized Standard American Diet” is largely comprised of processed foods, the Whole Plants Diet consists of “whole” foods as they are found in nature… fruits, vegetables, beans, intact grains, nuts, and seeds.

When choosing whole plant foods for better health, reduce or eliminate oil, flour, refined sugar, and salt.

It’s easy to find recipes online for this way of eating! Just search for “WFPB” or “whole food plant based recipes”.

Given how delicious and healthy it is to eat whole plant foodsthere really is no excuse for continuing to exploit animals!