Lock Up the Carnist Loonies: by The Vegan Shock Jock

A B'Older Vegan

It was no surprise when the the NZ Media Council didn’t find in favour of my complaint about Ryan Bridge’s inflammatory opinion piece against Vegans, titled KiwiVegan Loonies are Treasonous. Bridge is intent on making a name for himself via the shock jock route. But why should he have all the fun? Here is my shock jock piece in response to his (the link to his piece is at the bottom), which I have written in the same style as Ryan Bridge’s piece, and used many of the same words he has used.

OPINION: How do you know that there’s a carnist in the room? They’ll tell you how much they love bacon, as soon as they hear the ‘V’ word.

It’s a tired old response, but they still think it’s a good one, even in the face of all the yawns. Carnists find it difficult to see…

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