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Veganism is: The doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals or nature.

Animals evolved on this planet for billions of years as functioning parts of natural ecosystems.

The human species (homo sapiens) came along only about 300,000 years ago and lives in a way that is an abomination of nature. It forces other species into servitude and ravages every natural ecosystem on the planet. This way of living is putting planet Earth on the brink of utter destruction. Humans are making Earth inhospitable to life. The mentality of human domination is literally destroying all life on Earth. There are only a few short years left where man can turn things around. If humanity continues on the same path, life on this planet will cease… and that includes human life.

Veganism is the way of thinking and living that can turn it all around. In fact, the adoption of veganism by all of humanity is an absolute necessity in order to save life on this wondrous planet.

What must we all do to accomplish this?

These are the main things humanity as a species must do:

  • quickly switch to a global 100% plant-based food system (society should help farmers and ranchers convert slaughterhouses into greenhouses)
  • immediately stop all breeding, confinement, exploitation, and forced servitude of all animals (Animal Liberation)
  • place all currently living domestic-born animals in loving Animal Sanctuaries
  • stop bringing additional humans into the world and allow human population to significantly decrease to a responsible level that Earth can support without destroying wildlife, natural ecosystems, and the climate
  • let go of the narcissistic and supremacist mentality that says humans are a superior species that is entitled to dominate animals and nature
  • do whatever it takes to fix the damage we as a species have done to wildlife and natural ecosystems and allow wildlife and ecosystems to spread and flourish

These are the things you as an individual need to do right now:


  • switch to a plants-only diet
  • let go of your narcissistic and supremacist prejudices and bigotries against animals
  • stop bringing additional humans into the world
  • strive to do everything you can to lessen your personal impact on the destruction of nature (human civilization is in itself a destructive force and we all are captives of human civilization)

Veganism is the mentality that strives to end human domination over nature and animals.


Veganism seeks to end all exploitation of animal beings. There is no such thing as “humane” meat, dairy, or eggs, or any other thing humans use animals for. The using of living beings for “products” or services automatically requires forced confinement, brutality, violence, cruelty, suffering, misery, forced breeding, genetic mutating, pain, and death.

Animals are sentient, meaning they are conscious, have thoughts, feelings, personalities. Just like us, they want to be free and they have a profound will to live.

All animals belong in nature, wild and free, living exactly as nature intended them too.


Animal agriculture causes loss of biodiversity, mass species extinctions, climate change, environmental destruction, and a whole host of other problems threatening life on this planet (including human life).

recent study carried out at Oxford University reports on one of the most thorough examinations ever undertaken on the impact of agribusiness on the environment. It involved nearly 40,000 farms, and 119 countries. And it showed that by becoming vegan, we could shrink our individual carbon footprints by as much as 73%, and reduce land use by 75%. 

Veganism is not a personal choice. It is an absolute necessity to save life on this planet that all humans become vegan.


Vegans joyfully embrace a plants-only diet. The human species is biologically herbivorous and thus has no biological requirement to eat animals. In fact, eating animals significantly harms human health.


Humanity is facing a global ecological catastrophe that has the potential to wipe life off the planet. Veganism is about humanity’s evolution into a responsible, rational, and compassionate species that lives on the Earth without destroying our fellow animal beings and the ecosystems that we and all the other animal beings require for survival.

To save life on Earth, and to be the advanced species we think we are, all of humanity must become vegan, we must liberate animals, we must decrease human population, and we must repair the ecological damage we’ve already done to Earth.


Veganism is a social justice movement seeking to make the world a better place for animals, humans, and Earth’s natural ecosystems. It seeks total Animal Liberation and the end of all animal agriculture. It seeks the end of the PROPERTY STATUS of animals. Animals should be respected and protected as equal and free citizens of the Earth.

By liberating animals, we liberate ourselves from our own lower, violent nature.

Veganism is compassion, empathy, and respect for all living beings. Vegans are urging all of humanity to embrace their higher nature by living in ways that respect all other living beings and their inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, there is a plethora of misinformation, misunderstandings, and even deliberate disinformation about veganism and about Animal Beings. So here are a few basic definitions to clear things up:


The doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals or nature.


Speciesism is a form of prejudice and bigotry like racism and sexism. A speciesist believes their species to be superior to all other species. This self-proclaimed superiority makes speciesists feel entitled to commit all sorts of atrocities against those they deem inferior.


A social justice movement seeking to:

  1. end all animal exploitation
  2. end all animal agriculture
  3. end the legal status of animals as property
  4. switch all of humanity to a plants-only diet


A vegan person has made a lifetime commitment to live without exploiting animals, which includes a “Plants-ONLY” diet.


Just like humans, all animals are sentient, meaning they are conscious, they have thoughts, feelings, personalities, loved ones, friends, a desire to be free, and a profound will to live.


A deliberately misleading term used by the animal agriculture industries to hide the cruelty they inflict, and to deceive consumers into thinking there is nothing wrong with their products. Other lies they use are cage-free, grass-fed, organic, animal welfare, family farm, happy animals, etc……..


Humans have decided that animals are their legal property. Humans view animals as objects to be owned and used instead of recognizing and respecting them as the sentient, living beings they actually are. Living beings should never be treated as property that people own.… that’s called slavery.


… treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from them. When humans are the victims of exploitation, everyone is outraged. Let’s stop this hypocritical double standard and realize once and for all that exploitation is wrong no matter who the victim is.


If you say you are an “animal lover”, but you are not vegan… then you are a “pet lover”, not an animal lover. All true animal lovers are vegan.


Biologically, humans are herbivores (frugivores to be more specific), not omnivores or carnivores. We have absolutely no physical need to eat animals, their eggs, or drink their mother’s milk in order to survive or to be healthy. In fact, eating animals is extremely detrimental to our health.


The animal agriculture industries have deliberately deceived us into believing that we require meat, dairy, and eggs to get protein. Stop believing that lie and know that ALL plant foods contain more than enough high quality protein to meet everyone’s protein needs.


NO. Eating animals, and their eggs and milk is not at all necessary for human health. There are mountains of incontrovertible evidence that eating meat, dairy, and eggs causes all sorts of diseases, and that even small amounts of animal products have adverse effects on human health.


The human body is designed to thrive on whole plant foods only. If the fruits, vegetables, beans, intact grains, nuts, and seeds are grown organically in healthy, nutrient/mineral rich soils, they contain all the nutrients and fiber necessary for ideal human health.

Unfortunately, modern agriculture ruins soil with pesticides, fertilizers, plowing, and other soil-destroying farming practices. So modern plant foods have fewer nutrients than they used to, making some supplementation of certain nutrients necessary (including B12) for ideal health if eating conventionally grown food.